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Smoking pipe - (1035) Sasieni 20-s years of the last century

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London Made

pat numb 150221/20



* Weight: 53 g.

* Overall length: 155 mm

* Bowl diameter: 21 mm

* Depth of bowl: 40 mm

* Overall Rating 5 out of 6

The Company

Трубки Михаила Леонтьева


An early representative of the famous Sasieni, which was significantly higher both in quality and in approach to each pipe than the notorious Dunhill. The state of the tube is very good. No chips or traces of teeth. The original mouthpiece with a blue dot – the pipe was made for the American market. I can not say anything about the metal part. Where and who put it. But judging by the exact fit – it was probably installed at the manufactory itself. At the beginning of the last century it was quite popular. The tube is large enough. According to the Dunhill classification it is LB.

The pipe is smoking very dry and cold. In general, this is something! To smoke a century old pipe and understand that this is how a real pipe should look like.

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